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Module 1: Assessing the network environment for supporting operating system and application deployment

  • Overview of the enterprise desktop life cycle
  • Assessing readiness for a desktop deployment by using Configuration Manager
  • Assessing deployment readiness by using MAP

Module 2: Determining operating system deployment strategies

  • Understanding tools and strategies you can use for operating system deployment
  • Using the Hight Touch with Retail Media deployment strategy
  • Using the Hight Touch with a Standard Image deployment strategy
  • Using a lite touch deployment strategy
  • Using a zero touch deployment strategy
  • Alternative deployment strategies for Windows desktops

Module 3: Assessing application compatibility

  • Diagnosing application compatibility issues
  • Mitigating application compatibility issues
  • Using ACT to address application compatibility issues

Module 4: Planning and implementing user state migration

  • Overview of user state migration
  • Overview of USMT 10.0
  • Planning user state migration
  • Migrating user state by using USMT

Module 5: Determining an image management strategy

  • Overview of the Windows image file format
  • Overview of image management

Module 6: Preparing for deployments by using the Windows ADK

  • Overview of the Windows setup and installation process
  • Preparing boot images by using Windows PE
  • Using Windows SIM and Sysprep to automate and prepare an image installation
  • Capturing and servicing a reference image using DISM
  • Using the Windows ICD

Module 7: Supporting PXE-initiated and multicast operating system deployments

  • Overview of PXE-initiated and multicast operating system deployments
  • Installing and configuring the Windows DS environment

Module 8: Implementing operating system deployment by using the MDT

  • Planning for the MDT environment
  • Implementing MDT 2013 Update 2
  • Integrating Windows DS with MDT

Module 9: Managing operating system deployment

  • Overview of operating system deployment
  • Preparing a site for operating system deployment
  • Deploying an operating system

Module 10: Integrating MDT and Configuration Manager for operating system deployment

  • Integrating deployment tools with Configuration Manager
  • Integrating MDT with Configuration Manager

Module 11: Activating clients and managing additional configuration settings

  • Solutions for volume license activation
  • Determining additional client configuration settings

Module 12: Deploying Office 2016

  • Methods for deploying Microsoft Office 2016 editions
  • Customizing Office deployments
  • Deploy Office 2016 by using Office 365
  • Managing Office settings
  • Introducing Windows Store for Business
  • Distributing apps by using Windows Store for Business

20695 Deploying Windows Desktops and Enterprise Applications

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